I will translate your idea into that amazing story you want to tell — and then shepherd its development.

I'm a veteran product manager and user experience expert who has been designing and developing digital products, apps, and software for over nine years. I create solutions that acquire and retain users, solve a specific pain-point, and deliver an incredible experience for the customer. I've got a great track record of creating profitable, engaging software and experiences, defining product strategy, and managing every size of P&L out there.

My approach combines principles of customer-centric design, scrum training, and strategic market analysis. I work with development teams to select the most appropriate engineering strategy given a business's tactical and long-term objectives. I've held senior level positions at startups, ComScore Top 25 sites, large governmental agencies, e-commerce apps, and everything in between. 

I'm known for not only high quality results delivered quickly and on budget, but for my enthusiasm, upbeat attitude, fostering collaboration, and having that sense of humor needed in fast-paced and high-pressure environments.

A very popular Quora question thread asks, "If you can only hire one employee, would you hire an amazing product designer or an amazing engineer?" This debate gets to the core of what businesses need most, especially in the early stages of product concept and development: a product storyteller. Why are you developing a product? Hopefully to fulfill a user's needs or satisfy a user's desires. The product storyteller (whether she be a product manager, designer, or developer) ensures that your product stays true to the WHY.

UX Mag hits it right on the nose: "Part matchmaker, marketer, technologist, and artist, the product storyteller asks questions, finds answers, and figures out how to distill a vision or idea into a product story."

I look forward to becoming your product storyteller.

Here are some of the amazing brands I have worked with: